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Laboratory chemical reagent cabinets: types & uses

Laboratory chemical reagent cabinets: types & uses

Laboratory reagent cabinets are commonly found in a school lab or scientific research institution lab and used for storage. Based on actual storage requirements ,depending on the storage needs the cabinets can be general purpose cabinets, chemical storage cabinets & flammable safety cabinets, or mobile cabinets for easy movement.

Let us give you a detailed explanation of the update history of the reagent cabinet

Traditional basic reagent cabinets: A base cabinet is always mounted and/or set on the floor and supports a surface. The base cabinet may or may not have a top and consists of two ends – a back, and a face. The face may be open, to access the storage area, or may be outfitted with one or more drawers and/or door(s).

Mobile reagent cabinets: Mobile cabinets are base cabinets consisting of four casters with different configurations of door and drawers. A mobile cabinet can consist of an interlocking drawer device, gang locking mechanism, anti-tip devices, and counterweight for safety applications.

Suspended reagent cabinets: These cabinets are suspended from a table frame or rail system by means of a mechanical device. The suspended cabinet is designed to be repositioned or removed. A cabinet storage device consists of different configurations of doors and drawers.

Wall reagent cabinet: A wall cabinet is always mounted on a vertical surface such as a wall, a divider, panel, or some other vertical structure. A wall cabinet consists of a back, a top, bottom, and a face. The face may be open to access the storage area or may be outfitted with one or more door(s). The wall cabinet usually does not include a drawer.

Counter Mounted Cabinet: A counter mounted cabinet is a wall and typically mounted on the work surface or shelf (as in a reagent shelf).

Intelligent lab chemical reagent cabinet

RFID system: Integrated RFID management system in the intelligent reagent, real-time monitoring of the status of items in the cabinet.

Refrigerated smart reagent cabinet

Real-time monitoring: 24-hour intelligent reagent cabinet system manages dangerous chemicals, without human intervention, can legally take internal dangerous chemicals in real time, and automatically generate records.

Multiple rights verification: The door can be opened by swiping the card/fingerprint/mobile phone verification code

Video system: mobile detection camera, intelligent cabinet system controls the camera to capture, to ensure that the door is open for the user himself, to prevent the identity of others.

Temperature and humidity system: internal integrated temperature and humidity monitoring system, limit value alarm to ensure the safety of reagent storage environment.

Integrated weighing system: When returning dangerous chemicals, weigh and compare the last information, carry out reagent dosage statistics, weighing precision is optional.

Emergency mechanism: The cabinet can integrate UPS power supply and data cache to ensure power failure/network disconnection in abnormal cases.

Data opening: The operation data background is exported according to customer requirements with one click and can be connected to other management systems of customers

Solve the problem of traditional reagent management.

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