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Chemical lab reagent cabinet- Economical and convenient

Chemical lab reagent cabinet- Economical and convenient

1、 Large storage capacity

The storage capacity of a single reagent cabinet is 920L, and multiple cabinets can be connected in parallel.

2、 Adjustable shelf

Flexible storage、convenient layer height adjustment. Reagent bottles of different specifications can be placed on each layer according to requirements.

3、 RFID Card swipe module

The cabinet door can be opened and closed conveniently by swiping the card or entering the password. A variety of styles of IC card for choose. In the case of power off, the cabinet door can be automatically locked and the cabinet door can be manually opened and closed with the key.

Intelligent reagent cabinets Feature

4、 Mold design

Mold design reduces cost, improves product consistency and manufacturing accuracy, improves the quality, strengthens the interchangeability of standard structures, and facilitates on-site assembly.

Chemical lab reagent cabinet-Flexible and expandable

1、 Smart camera system

Unattended, 24 hours & 360 ° video surveillance can be achieved, hard disk storage up to 30 days, and unlimited expansion.

2 、UPS power supply

It has the power-off endurance capability, in line with the Ministry of Public Security's "Public Security Precaution Requirements for Storage Places of Precursor Explosive Hazardous Chemical", and can be customized according to user needs.

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