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Chemical lab reagent cabinet-Intelligent、Safe

Chemical lab reagent cabinet-Intelligent、Safe

1、Chemical lab reagent cabinet- Embedded System

Embedded system "Reagent Cabinet Management System V2.0", LCD display, touch screen operation.

2、Chemical lab reagent cabinet- External control software

It can be connected with "Reagent Cabinet Control Software V 2.0", dual-mode operation and more comprehensive functions.

3、Chemical lab reagent cabinet- Multi-cabinets parallel connection, system interaction

Embedded system and control software can be remotely interacted through WIFI, multi-cabinet parallel connection, storage space is unlimitedly expanded, reagent information statistics are more convenient and accurate, all kinds of reports are exported and printed, data is stored in mass permanently.

Economic reagent cabinet

4 、Chemical lab reagent cabinet- Air filtration system

The built-in activated carbon air filtration system effectively solves the problem of chemical odor affecting the health of experimenters.

Replaceable filter material, large air volume fan, to ensure that the internal air circulates three times per minute.

5 、 Chemical lab reagent cabinet- Double lock function

Effectively solve the safety management of reagents and comply with the management requirements of the "Order No. 154 of the Ministry of Public Security" for precursor and explosive hazardous chemicals. For conventional reagents, it can also easily realize single-person single-lock control.

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