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Intelligent reagent cabinet JPG-3000

Intelligent reagent cabinet JPG-3000

Exterior size:1000*600*1930(mm)

Capacity: 500 L

Interior size:879*510*1554(mm)

Tray load capacity: 85kg/layer

Display:12.1 inch capacitive touch screen

UPS power: Optional

Mobile phone remote control system: Optional

Camera: Optional

Identification system: Finger vein recognition, barcode recognition

Tray: Anticorrosive PP material

reagent cabinet JPG-3000

Different types of laboratories from Government, inspection institutions universities,enterprises and institutions.

The hospital reagents department

Any other units that need to store flammable, explosive and toxic reagents.

Jingpin JPG series intelligent reagent safety management system is a reagent information management system based on intelligent hardware. The product consists of a combination of the main control cabinet system and the auxiliary cabinet. The main cabinet is integrated with a control system, finger vein scanning, barcode scanning and otherunits. It can manage the information of operator,

reagent and cabinet to form a complete reagent information management system, which can realize the safe management of reagents.

The inside of the cabinet is equipped with an internal air circulation filtration system, which can control the concentration of acid gas and base gas inside the cabinet within a safe range.

And the interior of the cabinet is made of anti-corrosive plastic material, the exterior is made of sheet metal, and the surface is coated with anti-corrosive paint, which can effectively prevent the danger of corrosion and accidental impact.

reagent cabinet-JPG2000

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