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Three advantages of reagent cabinet

reagent cabinet advantage 1:Super high cost performance

Usually intelligent reagent cabinets on the market are very expensive.If you want to have both intelligent management&control and large-capacity reagent storage space at the same time,JPG-2000 is your most suitable choice.The management cabinet can realize multiple cabinets in parallel with the control software,which greatly improves the reagent storage space under intelligent management and control.Its numerous functions will bring you more Surprise.

reagent cabinet advantage 2:Full mold production

The JPG-2000 adopts anti-corrosion full mold production and manufacturing technology,which effectively reduces costs,greatly improves product consistency and manufacturing accuracy,and standardizes product structure.Interchangeability is effectively guaranteed.The height of the tray in the cabinet is flexibly adjustable and can store reagent bottles with different specifications and standards.For example,according to the interval of each layer of 10 cm,the maximum storage layer can be accumulated up to 26 layers,and can be realized adjustment of various layer height to such as 20cm,30cm,40cm...etc.

reagent cabinet advantage 3:Dual-mode operation function-External control software can be connected with JPG-2000

JPG-2000 can be used alone or managed by external reagent cabinet control software V 2.0.The control software could be added later according to the use situation.The software can be installed in the laboratory computer,with functions such as authority classification management,abnormal situation identification,temperature and humidity monitoring,data security backup,etc.At the same time,it supports inventory query,reagent expiration reminder,minimum inventory warning setting,and can also be combined with JPG-2000 embedded system,forming a complete reagent information database,easy to realize the informatization of reagent management.

reagent cabinet JPG-2000

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