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Medicine cabinet

Lab Safety Reagent Storage Cabinet

Safety cabinet is the storage of all kinds of production or life supplies. Different types of chemicals, reagents and instruments may be used in the work site, so various types of safety cabinets are required for storage to ensure safety. Alfa Chemis

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Laboratory Reagents Cabinet

Laboratory Reagents Cabinet,Before delving into the Smart Reagent Storage Cabinet's benefits, it's essential to grasp the significance of laboratory reagents. Reagents are substances or compounds used in experiments to detect, measure, or produce oth

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Clinical reagent cabinet

Clinical reagent cabinet is a special cabinet used to store and manage clinical reagents. The following is a detailed introduction to Clinical reage

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PP reagent cabinet

PP reagent cabinet/medicine reagent cabinet(Ventilated),The cabinet is made of 8mm thick porcelain white PP board and seamlessly welded by PP welding rods of the same color and material, which greatly strengthens the structural firmness of the cabine

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Should reagent storage safety cabinets be grounded?

Should reagent storage safety cabinets be grounded? A hazard and risk assessment needs to be done by a safety specialist to determine if the storage safety cabinets must be grounded. Generally speaking, if the cabinets are constructed of metal or oth

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