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Medicine cabinet

PP reagent cabinet characteristics

PP reagent cabinet characteristics.Made of 8mm porcelain white film PP (polypropylene) board, with excellent corrosion resistance, seamless welding treatment by the same color welding rod, to ensure the robustness and tightness of the cabinet.

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laboratory reagents cabinet

laboratory reagents cabinet,lab reagent cabinet.There are many kinds of laboratory reagents with different properties, and most of them have certain toxicity and danger, so how to manage chemical reagents has become a required course for experimental

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chemistry laboratory reagent cabinet

chemistry laboratory reagent cabinet,Intelligent reagent cabinets are also widely used in pharmaceutical research and drug production. The smart reagent cabinet can provide multiple security protection measures, such as fingerprint identification, RF

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The intelligent reagent cabinet

The intelligent reagent cabinet is supported by intelligent hardware and cooperated with the information reagent management concept to form a complete reagent information management and manage reagents safely and efficiently. The product integrates I

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The ICE5700 main cabinet integrates intelligent

The ICE5700 main cabinet integrates intelligent control system, which can be connected with the attached cabinet, and can systematically manage personnel information, reagent and drug information and cabinet information.

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Lab chemical reagent storage cabinet-advantages

Lab chemical reagent storage cabinet-advantages,Usually intelligent reagent cabinets on the market are very expensive. If you want to have both intelligent management & control and large-capacity reagent storage space at the same time, JPG-2000 is yo

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