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Smart RFID Chemistry lab reagent cabinets for intelligence and security

Smart RFID Chemistry lab reagent cabinets for intelligence and security

1. Meet the requirements of regulatory authorities

Supervision mode open the door: that is, the "double double lock" required by the regulatory department, an operator and a manager, dual authority verification can open the door, a single operator or administrator verification through the intelligent reagent cabinet can not be opened, the authority and responsibility to the specific user and management personnel.

Video recording preservation: The camera is a motion detection camera, and it will work automatically when moving objects enter the field of view, which saves storage space and more accurately captures each door opening action. Video recording opening and closing operation video, save in the designated position, matching operation records for easy access.

reagent cabinet

2, intelligent management of Internet of Things equipment

The RFID acquisition module monitors the reagent information and status in the cabinet in real time, and monitors the entry and exit of hazardous chemicals.

The temperature and humidity sensor monitors the temperature and humidity in the cabinet.

Camera acquisition equipment to monitor and record video images

Smart door lock, through fingerprint, face, card and mobile phone verification login door.

3. Management software

Smart cabinet front-end, back-end management software, mobile terminal management software. Easy to realize reagent in and out of the warehouse, inventory, inventory management, real-time grasp of reagent status information and practical information, so that management more simple.

Smart cabinet front end: mainly used for user permission authentication, item collection and return records display and query, video record query, smart cabinet status display, etc.

Intelligent cabinet background: mainly used for the management of the overall system, including personnel management, reagent management, exception management, data reports, search module, system configuration and other functions.

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