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Reagents safety administration should be done instandly

Reagents safety administration should be done instandly

In recent years, according to the incomplete statistics, dangerous accidents caused by improper management of laboratory reagents are

occurred frequently, and fires & explosions account for more than half of the accidents. As shown below.

Disadvantages of traditional reagent cabinets and plastic cabinets:In the event of an accident, it is easy to cause secondary damage by debris splashing. The smell of reagents in the laboratory will seriously be harmful to the body. The existing reagent management is confusing, and the random access phenomenon is serious, and no effective management is formed.

Jingpin JPG series intelligent reagent safety management system is a reagent information management system based on intelligent hardware. The product consists of a combination of the main control cabinet system and the auxiliary cabinet. The main cabinet is integrated with a control system, finger vein scanning, barcode scanning and otherunits. It can manage the information of operator,

reagent and cabinet to form a complete reagent information management system, which can realize the safe management of reagents.

Different types of laboratories from Government, inspection institutions universities, enterprises and institutions.

The hospital reagents departmentAny other units that need to store flammable, explosive and toxic reagents.

reagent cabinet-2000 software

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