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Chemical storage cabinet

Chemical storage is the storage of controlled substances or hazardous materials in chemical stores,chemical storage cabinets,or similar devices.

Chemical storage devices are usually present where a workplace requires the use of non-hazardous and/or hazardous chemicals.Proper storage is imperative for the safety of,and access by,laboratory workers.Improper chemical storage can result in the creation of workplace safety hazards,including the presence of heat,fire,explosion and leakage of toxic gas.

Chemical storage cabinets are typically used to safely store small amounts of chemical substances within a workplace or laboratory for regular use.These cabinets are typically made from materials that are resistant to the chemicals stored in them and occasionally contain a bunded tray to capture spillage.

Proper labeling is important to ensure that chemicals are not misidentified,which is key to protecting health and safety.For example,organizing chemicals alphabetically is not generally recommended,because it may lead to incompatible chemicals placed near each other,risking a dangerous reaction.

Instead chemicals should be stored according to their reactivity and other properties.For example,acids and bases are incompatible and should be stored separately,whereas sodium and potassium can be kept together as they are both water-reactive but do not have any added hazard when placed with one another.

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Unnecessary storage of large amounts of chemicals can pose a hazard if the amount exceeds the limits permitted by laboratory guidelines,and is avoided by accredited workplaces and laboratories.Chemicals are usually stored in cool areas,away from direct heat sources,moisture,or light and should be regularly checked for degradation or damage.

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