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Reagent cabinet optional configuration

Reagent cabinet optional configuration

Generally, visible type is used for storing ordinary reagents, and colorless transparent door panels are used for visible type, which can quickly check the status of reagents stored in the cabinet.

Semi transparent type and shading type is for storage of light sensitive reagents, with brown semi transparent door panels for semi transparent and pure black opaque door panels for shading type.

Reagent cabinet 1

Reagents that need to be stored away from light and have strong corrosion should be select the enhanced shading type. The door of enhanced shading type is equipped with window reinforcement bars, and the internal door panel is also made of anti-corrosion PP material to improve the anti-corrosion level.

For storing special reagents that need to be stored away from light and have strong corrosiveness, and avoid impact, you should select the enhanced all steel type to enhance the safety of the cabinet.

For storing a wide variety of precious samples, enhanced shading type and enhanced steel type are recommended to enhance confidentiality and security.

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