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Economic reagent cabinet introduction

Economic reagent cabinet introduction

The combination of intelligent reagent cabinet JPG-2000 and reagent cabinet control software V2.0 enables mutual control of multiple reagent cabinets.

Reagent cabinet control software V2.0

Economic reagent cabinet

A 7-inch capacitive touch screen is embedded on the reagent cabinet, which is equipped with an embedded system. The system can display the air quality in the cabinet, the temperature and humidity status, the cabinet door not closed alarm, and the reminder for the replacement of consumable filter. An internal air circulation filtration system is equipped inside of the cabinet. It is used to purify the harmful gas. The cabinet door is embedded with an RFID card swiping module, which can effectively control the double-lock card swiping process.

The control software can be loaded into the user's computer. The computer can be connected to multiple cabinets to manage the entry & exit of reagents, import & export data to form a complete reagent information management system, which can realize the safe management for reagents.

Economic reagent cabinet 2

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