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Why choose an Intelligent reagent cabinet ?

Why choose an Intelligent reagent cabinet ?

At present, there are various types of reagent cabinets in the market, and the cabinets used to store different types of reagents are also different. Strictly classifying and storing laboratory reagents according to requirements is not only to protect the reagents, but also to comprehensively consider the safety and working environment of laboratory staff.

As the main storage equipment for reagents in the laboratory, laboratory dedicated cabinets are usually used. According to the different construction materials of the cabinets, they can be divided into all wood materials, all steel materials, PP materials, etc. If classifiedaccording to intelligence and safety, it can be divided into ordinary type and intelligent type. The types of reagent cabinets purchased by different laboratories vary depending on their affiliation.Existing types of traditional reagent cabinets.

Standard intelligent reagent cabinet-2

Due to lack of informationization and safety control capabilities, traditional reagent cabinets greatly increase the difficulty of safety management for hazardous chemical. In normal environments, if hazardous chemicals encounter external factors such as friction, collision, light and heat sources, it is highly likely to cause explosions of hazardous chemicals. It will cause a damage of large-scale personal and property if ignited or even exploded.

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