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RFID intelligent reagent cabinet solves the daily management troubles

With more and more scientific research projects,more and more instruments in the laboratory,and the accumulation of reagents and consumables,are you busy with scientific research work?Do you still have to worry about the daily management of the laboratory?

The management of controlled chemicals in laboratories should not only consider the hazardous characteristics of the chemicals themselves,but also meet the regulatory requirements of relevant national laws and regulations.There are various types of controlled chemicals,which belong to conventional reagents in the laboratory.Due to the lack of sound safety management mechanisms or inadequate implementation,there are easy problems such as illegal procurement and storage,lack of ledger or discrepancies between accounts and materials.

The safety management of regulated chemicals involves the entire lifecycle of chemicals,including procurement,transportation,storage,use,disposal,and other processes.For different types of controlled chemicals,the country has corresponding legal and regulatory requirements.Based on the hazardous characteristics of chemicals and in accordance with national control requirements,combined with laboratory characteristics,analyze the key points and difficulties of controlled chemical management.

The management of controlled chemicals,as a key aspect of laboratory safety management,is receiving increasing attention and attention.In response to the regulatory requirements of the country for controlled chemicals,the problems in the management of controlled chemicals were analyzed,and the current management plans for the storage of controlled chemicals in China were sorted out.Based on national control requirements and existing problems,a closed-loop management approach is proposed to design an intelligent control plan for the entire cycle of controlled chemicals from procurement,distribution,storage,use to waste recycling and disposal.Intelligent reagent cabinets are used to store controlled chemicals and standardize their storage and use;Automatic weighing and recording,achieving real-time dynamic ledger;Multiple methods of identity authentication,accurately recording personnel operations.Through intelligent control,further reduce the risks in the storage and use of regulated chemicals,and improve the level of laboratory safety management.

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The vigorous development of Internet of Things technology has led to the development of laboratory controlled chemicals towards more efficient and precise professional management.In order to adapt to the development of information technology and the need for safe and efficient management services for controlled chemicals,changing the traditional chemical management mode and achieving information and intelligent management of controlled chemicals is an inevitable trend and choice for laboratory safety management and improving service quality.

The RFID intelligent reagent cabinet has functions such as automatic outbound,anti-theft,flame-retardant,corrosion-resistant,ventilated,purified,remote monitoring,intelligent IoT,dual locking,and automatic purification of toxic and harmful gases.By combining intelligent hazardous chemical cabinets with hazardous chemical management systems,data can be automatically uploaded to the cloud after networking.Reagent entry and exit status can be viewed and real-time inventory can be conducted through any computer or mobile phone,making consumables/chemical reagent management safer,more intelligent,and efficient.

Identify information through RFID tags,automatically enter it into the information database,undergo system classification and filtering,and generate various data reports.Users can query data at any time according to their needs and export it to Excel;Intelligent information management,automatic entry into information databases,production inventory quality/quantity statistics,overall expected procurement volume and funds,reagent information flow information,reagent consumption statistics reports,inventory warning information reports,rapid screening of users for a single or multiple test agent usage statistics,and other reports;Simplify tedious data and visualize data storage to support both local and cloud storage options.

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RFID intelligent hazardous chemical cabinet is an intelligent reagent cabinet built by relying on existing mature RFID technology and connecting with intelligent systems,focusing on the safe storage of laboratory hazardous chemical reagents.By utilizing RFID high-frequency reading and writing technology,the entry and exit of reagents are no longer cumbersome,with precise positioning and easy access.The system automatically generates an electronic ledger;Intelligent weighing,the balance can be activated to read the chemical residue information during storage,achieving refined management,convenient and fast,without the need for tedious manual registration.RFID intelligent reagent cabinet is suitable for classified storage of reagents in laboratories such as universities,testing institutions,environmental testing,inspection and quarantine,scientific research institutions,biopharmaceuticals,food testing,chemical enterprises,etc.

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