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Jingpin high-end reagent cabinet feature 1: Safe

Jingpin high-end reagent cabinet feature 1: Safe

In order to help users solve the safety issues of laboratory reagent storage, Jingpin adopts high-quality steel plate structure with high strength impact resistance. The cabinet body is treated with anti-corrosion spray coating to effectively prevent corrosion. Military grade antivirus filtering materials ensure the personal health of laboratory personnel.


Internal and external anti-corrosion material,double-layer stainless steel plate structure,prevent corrosion of the cabinet in case the reagent leaks.


The built-in activated carbon air filtration system effectively solves the problem that the chemical odor affects the health of the staff. Replaceable HACF

filter material and large air volume fan make the internal air circulation reach to five times per minute.

3、Sound and light alarm system

In the event of gas leakage, corrosion and other abnormalities, the sound and light alarm system is triggered immediately to avoid accident.


The sheet metal structure is used to prevent accidental impact and secondary damage from debris splashing.

5、Double lock for two people

Effectively manage the safety of reagent and meet the requirements of laboratory reagent management.

Intelligent reagent cabinets Feature

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