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RFID intelligent reagent cabinet control platform

RFID intelligent reagent cabinet control platform-Solution of new procurement of intelligent central control platform

If users do not want to replace existing reagent cabinets but like to increase reagents information management and control capabilities, then users can choose the "Intelligent Reagent Management Central Control Platform" to manage the existing reagent cabinet and to solve the intelligent information and safety management problems of reagent storage.

Feature 1: Security Identification

The safety identification function includes operator identification and reagent identification.Operator identification includes: vein recognition, card swiping recognition, password recognition, facial recognition, etc., to ensure the authenticity of the operator. The identification of reagents can be quickly obtained by scanning QR codes or ultra-high frequency RFID recognition.Identity recognition module vein recognition, card swiping recognition, password recognition,facial recognition

Identity recognition module

Feature 2: Key management

The keys commonly used for reagent cabinets and IC cards in laboratories usually need to be saved and used by dedicated personnel. In order to achieve intelligent management, users can choose our smart key management module. The information of laboratory personnel accessing keys will be recorded by the intelligent central control system. The system can also set up a single lock or double person lock identification, achieving a single lock or a dual lock control process for two people. The number of key boxes can be expanded externally based on the number of existing reagent cabinets for users.

Key storage module

Feature 3: Diverse styles

Jingpin has specially launched two models:

1. Desktop intelligent central control platform, which can be placed on a desk and has a similar appearance to traditional computers.

2. The vertical intelligent central control platform can be directly placed in the laboratory, with a fashionable and strong sense of technology in its appearance.

reagent cabinet multi platform management

Feature 4: Comprehensive control


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